Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

World Fantasy Convention update

Just got back to the room, ready to crash for the night. You know how when you get done being sick you think you're invulnerable? Well, you ain't. Leastwise, neither Kij nor I ain't. Ze sore throat, she is back. Now both of us are about to shower and sleep (keep in mind it's only 10:30pm here, even if our bodies think it's half-past midnight).

This afternoon through tonight:
bought a book at the dealer's room
chatted up a small-press publisher we've known since Seattle
visited the art show
left Kij to work with her cover artist, Mike Dringenberg, who brought awesome sketches for her next Tor book cover (the mouse book); he also did the cover for Fudoki. He rawks!
bid on a cute rat (stick with me here, folks; it's art)
chatted with a number of folks
split an appetizer in the fabulous palm-tree-filled courtyard around an outdoor fireplace, against which Kij nestled
also drank a couple of glasses of orange juice (we're wild thangs)
attended the artists' reception (wine we didn't drink, cheese, yummy dippy things, crunchy bready things)
visited art show again
Kij did her reading! It was great: Even though the con people didn't put her in the program, so her reading slot was marked "to be announced," she got more than 20 listeners. Cool! They laughed and sighed and everything at all the right times. The reader before and after attracted fewer than half that many audience. Not that I'm counting >g<. I felt so proud to be married to this genius writer, to sit at the back of the room and watch the audience reaction. I'm a lucky dawg.
left early for the Aeon Magazine party
left that party early for the Tor Publisher's party
did some Center for the Study of SF work at the party (discussing how to best integrate CSSF and SFM with Leslie Howle)
chatted with Claire Eddy (Kij's Tor editor)
ran up to room to fetch Canadian drug Robaxacet for Kij and Claire (to numb neck and back, respectively)
chatted with others, but of course no where near enough.
left early to come to bed
ten minutes online to post this.

That's all, folks. Must cure stooopid sore throat. Much sleep. More tomorrow after the banquet.

Tags: life, science fiction

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