Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

last day's World Fantasy Convention update

Whatta day. What was my last update? Lesse, today:

went to con suite for breakfast
it's right next to this big rooftop sunporch with fireplace and pool
we ate and hung out in the sun beside the fireplace with Eileen Gunn, Ellen Klages, and Charles Vess's wife (can't recall her name)
went back to art show
hung with some folks
went to dealer room and bought a couple of books
bought our little Easter-Bunny rat heh heh
got an art book signed and discussed author/painter-audience interaction
introduced Alan M. Clark and Mark Dringenberg to one another - both fans of each other; that was fun
said goodbye to some folks who were leaving before the awards banquet
got changed into suit and tie; very nice if I say so myself
took lots of pics of people - sorry I didn't bring my download device; will post later this week
lots of pics of Kij in her gorgeous dress. She really was the prettiest girl at the con, and had the prettiest dress. (Also wrote my favorite book if I might say so myself.)
went to banquet. Yummiest salad - baby (fetal, really) squash, thin cucumber wrap, etc), crispy spicy salmon, tasty veggies, good wine courtesy of Tor, excellent conversation with Kij's editor and Beth Gwinn among others, bread pudding dessert (bleh - tasty, but if I'm going off my healthy eatin', it's not for bread puddin').
the awards: Kij didn't win, to the astonishment of all (well, all of some)
went to a panel on how the judging happened: I found out that Kij had two disadvantages going into things - it's "part of a series" (though Fudoki is clearly stand-alone), and voting came down to a single point in some cases. Sigh. One of the jurors told Kij something very sweet.
back to room to change
then a whirlwind of seeing people

Best parts: drinkies with Claire Eddy (Kij's editor), Joe Haldeman (one of my writerly heroes), and Gay Haldeman (his peerless wife, charming and warm and sweet). Then off to My Big Fat Greek Restaurant, where all the waitrons were dressed in Halloween wear. We had something like six appetizers, retsina, other wine, and some truly wicket desserts, half of which everyone took home for lunch tomorrow. Great conversation, much laughter, excellent food - was one of the highlights of the con for me. Did I mention all the night's activities were paid for by "Papa Tor"? On the way back we got to see all the young'uns in their Halloween wear (including a girl dressed only in a vine, whom Joe nearly followed into a bar), plus a band playing in the street called "Kate," sorta rock-blues. Ran up to con suite to say goodbye to folks, including those with whom we'd spent a lot of time plus Ed Bryant whom we didn't get much of a chance to chat up while here.

Wonderful con. I love WFC. I'll always come back when I can. Sad to prep to leave. These are my people!

So in two years, we'll all be cheering Kij again (says I, which I say).

Hugs to all, see some of y'all soon,
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