Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

the only things I can say or read about politics today

It's good to live in a city where the people are like me. Mostly. Makes me feel less of a non-American. When I finally got around to watching CNN today, I felt like this was no longer my country, that other Americans were not like me. Then one of the grad students stopped by and she reminded me that I'm still with half of the population, politically. Half, that's pretty good, better than in a lot of countries. Better than if we lived in, say, Topeka or Spokane.

I work at a university, in a department where pretty much everyone else holds similar political stands as I do, at least in the ways that matter.

I'm married to the bestest wife ever. I have the bestest friends ever, even if some of you live too far away.

Overall, life is good. That's what kept me going today.


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