Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

drivin' home tomorrow - wish me luck that the ol' car makes it

EDIT: We're on our way! After I get a second headlight (call me paranoid...), we're outta town. I'm expecting at least a 10-hour drive.

So I've done all I'm going to do to prep the 1951 Chevy for the drive home:

. Changed the oil using a durable semi-synthetic. Got extra to replace that which leaks ;-)
. Replaced one headlight that doesn't work on high-beam. I'll be driving with high-beams on all the way in the dark - have you ever driven a car with a 6-volt electrical system? You get the idea.
. Replaced a cracked length of fuel line.
. Rinsed out the oil filter. Yeah, high-tech ;-)
. Fixed the brake pulling action. This consisted of driving with the parking brake on for a bit, heating it up and releasing the stickiness. You get the idea.
. Filled 'er up.
. Cleaned and Rain-Xed the windshield (fog-proofed it inside). This is because I couldn't replace the freakishly small wiper blades.
. Tightened up a hundred loose screws and bolts on the engine which had been causing leaks. I'm sure there are more I missed.
. Replaced the rusty, unusable radiator cap that had been allowing the radiator to overflow as soon as the engine heated up.
. Sledge-hammered the open muffler seam back into place and strung it with baling wire (yes, from Fleet Farm no less) to hold it shut for the trip home so I don't go completely deaf. I'll be replacing the muffler at some point in the near future, but that'll require cutting and stuff with tools in my garage.
. Adjusted the carburetor and made it so that the choke actually turns off when the lever is pushed in.
. Cleaned and checked the spark plugs. Look good.
. Cleaned up the stray oil on the electrical connections under the hood.
. Lots of inspections.
. Will fill the tire air to max tomorrow.
. Other stuff I can't recall, I'm sure.

Wish me luck that I make it at least to within 200 miles of Lawrence (the max tow AAA Gold will give me).

Tags: vehicles

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