Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

vacation update

So yesterday, Chernobylred and 0verdrive invited me to their place to watch the extended version of The Two Towers. It was such a nice day that I had to drag out my Bandit 1200 and go for a spin, the first time since summer. It's huge overkill in a town made for scootering (my usual mode of transport), but there's much to be said for full-size motorcycling (including that pull-your-arms-outta-socket torque you just don't get from a 50cc engine). Fun.

Then 0verdrive and I put up some lights behind their place, we all chatted over coffee, and played a spot of darts. Movie (insert several hours of one of the best movies ever), complete with buckets of Christmas cookies. Urp.

Rode home to find Hope had gone crazy again, chewing up the protection I had put over the back door handle (what, did it thunder yesterday? Friggin' dog. Anyone want a beautiful, sweet, but needy collie?). Did a bit of shopping, spoke to my girl, then came home and watched six episodes of Red Dwarf (yes, Kij got me two DVDs of the show for Christmas, yay!).

Got up late today, did a bunch of organizing and cleaning in the garage, moved everything out of the downstairs into the other rooms for when we begin to put tile on our floors, and then came up here to the office to read LJ and check on my eBay watch items. For you who know eBay: I got my first Second-Chance Offer today, for a whole load of stock Aprilia RS50 (my scooter) parts for an embarrasingly cheap price -- apparently the winning bidder, and the second, and the THIRD top bidders all dropped out. Weird. Anyhoo, it means I get everything I need to keep the engine running for-almost-ever (stock cylinder, head, piston, etc.), plus a spare exhaust and carburetor etc. for $27 (the seller went to a 75cc racing setup right after buying the scoot). Like a late Christmas present.

Well, back to the crazy dog and more moving. Then, hmmm, perhaps a movie? Heh. This is a nice break.


PS: Fond memories of playing computer games were false, it seems. There's just not a lot of pleasure to be had there. I think this is why I only play such things once a year these days. I can't wait until the ground floor of our house is finished -- we'll be putting in a big table for playing games. I'll let y'all know what's up and when after it's done.

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