Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

whew, solvents!

So today was cover-the-floor-sealant-that-releases-noxious-fumes day (the second stage of laying new floors, right after tearing out the rotten carpet). Wow. Chernobylred has offered to let me stay at their place tonight if the fumes are still strong -- I'm heading home in a few minutes to find out. If it's bad, I'll leave the pup overnight at doggy daycare and take her up on the offer. The drawback is that I couldn't do the household errands I was planning nor stay up all night watching the rest of Alias Season Two... >g<

Went to Home Despot today and picked up all the wood for building our window seat, partly so the floor-laying-guy can determine where to stop the tile (the base of the window seat). I'll just set two of the 2x4s down where the edge of the seat ends (it'll be 14 feet long! Cool!), and he'll use that as his measure. Carrying two sheets of 3/4" plywood by myself was fun, lemme tell you... plus getting it all into the Saab! -- you can actually fit a huge pile of 2x4s and two sheets of 3/4" plywood into the back of a last-gen Saab. Though the plywood fits REALLY snugly, I could have carried a ton of wood. It's a pickup with a topper, only sleek. Good old car.

Gotta love the Alias series; I accidentally purchased Season Two yesterday and stayed up a bit late watching the first disk-and-a-half. Best series ever.

Off to fumes and the dog (hey, that's fumes twice, if you know Hope...).


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