Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick


So, I know what you'll all say, but I've discovered that mowing with a powered lawn mower is da bomb. I mean, I haven't used a motorized mower for, lessee... 20 years. I've been using a reel mower:
reel mower, not 'real'
But, ya know, pushing a spiral blade through knee-high grass for hours in the 100 degree and 100% humidity Kansas summer is just asking for a coronary. So, praise be adammaker for letting me use his mower in exchange for storing it until he buys himself another house. Wow, but does that take all the pain and drudgery out of mowing! Now I can mow our entire (not huge, but big enough) yard in less than an hour, including mowing through the encroaching gardens and dumping the collected clippings into collection bags for recycling.

The foot hurts after stomping around behind the mower for that long, but if I had to push our reel mower around to mow the grass right now; well, let's just say the house would be hidden in a forest of elephant grass.


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