Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Art Show in LA closed by Police

Seriously. Unless someone out there can disprove this as urban legend, this is utterly unbelievable. Wait, not unbelievable... in fact, what a perfect conclusion to such a show. Thanks for the heads-up on this to supergee.

Read all about it:
Art Show in LA closed by Police.

The art show page is here.

Y'know that stuff I occasionally spout about not being afraid of governments but the corporations, instead? Well, I was wrong. Once corporations take over our governments, we are in a world of hurt. And this is Bush/Cheney's agenda. Take a look at our future, folks. Scary. You better be working for the right company when corporate control of our government becomes blatant and widely accepted. Wear your corporate logo tattoo plainly and proudly!



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