Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

my mom crashed her motorcycle

Eeek! Imagine riding along the highway, you reach a corner, and then....

First a little background: A gravel truck (she lives in Omaha, where they need to gravel/salt the roads) had crashed on this corner earlier that day. Okay, you know what happens next.

She slips off the road, but manages to keep the bike upright. A good thing, too, because it's an 800-pound Harley. But when she reaches the ditch, the front wheel submarines into a couple of feet of gravel, stopping instantly. She's tossed off, and the bike lands on top of her, driving her into the gravel.

Her helmet was gouged; thank gawd she was wearing it. A biker friend -- Harley folks always seem to ride in packs -- lifted the machine off of her; apparently he's a huge guy. Damages: 21 stitches along one shin (that's after cutting through the chaps, jeans, and boots), a face full of gravel (Harley folks don't wear full-face helmets), and a broken -- get this -- shoulder blade. I didn't know you could break that and nothing else. Seems the bike crushed her.


Kij and I will be visiting her tomorrow when she's out of the hospital. I spoke with her today, and she said she's still spitting out gravel from where it was embedded in her face and sinuses.

(I can hear your "eeew" from here.)


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