Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

motorcycle commute

So I'll be riding the Bandit to teach at the Edwards KU campus (in Kansas City, about a 40-minute ride) tomorrow. I modified the right footpeg for sore-foot comfort by strapping on one of those thick gel bicycle-seat pads; now my foot is insulated from motorcycle vibrations by about two inches of gel, and a quick ride to the grocery store suggests I should be able to make the commute. Shifting, however, is... interesting.

It is important for me to still consider myself a motorcyclist - it's part of my self-definition - so I'll be giving this a shot. After all, considering my other vehicles are a 49cc scooter and a 1951 Chevy, it's also my only reliable vehicle *g* Honestly, though, it was tough for me to think about giving up motorcycles. When I had a broken hand (from a motorcycle accident) in college, I was out there riding again within weeks, though that wasn't such a good thing. Here's hoping the ride is peaceful and uneventful. Wish me luck!

Hope all's well in your life.


PS: The bike in my icon? A lovely 1972 cafe-racer Kawasaki H2 750cc triple. I'll own one again some day.
Tags: teaching, vehicles

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