Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

motorcycle-commute thing

Things about commuting on a motorcycle that suck:

1) Wind blast at 75-80 mph is seriously un-fun. There's no way to ride the Johnson County Speedway (aka Highway 10) slower than that without getting rear-ended. Crosswinds add excitement, too.
2) Handlebar vibration at 4500-5000 RPM on a Suzuki Bandit is like getting one's hands massaged with a jackhammer.
3) The stock seat on a Bandit was designed by the Marquis de Sade to torture boy-bits. It has a grippy surface and leans down-and-forward, making one's weight roll onto one's... well, one's 'nads. Un-fun.
4) And then I have to do it again, commuting home after class (students are doing an in-class exercise now).

The good news is that my gel modification worked: The foot isn't any more sore than if I'd driven a car. However, time to buy a car, methinks. Or stop teaching at the Edwards campus... though this campus' desire for a tech-writing program is a big reason I came to KU. Sigh.

Anyone want to trade an equivalent-value car for the Bandit? I suppose I could just sell it; after all, the Aprilia scooter is technically a motorcycle, which makes me still technically a motorcyclist, right?

Back to teachin'.

Tags: vehicles

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