Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

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stoopid batteries

So I decided I'd take Kij's Speed Triple out for a spin tonight, I guess as a tonic against getting jittery re: my mom's accident. It hasn't been ridden since, what, July? Plus it uses a really small battery. It's fuel-injected. High compression. And the temp was about 50.

Of course it barely turned over. Tried bump-starting it down the driveway a few times, which was pitiful (not much of a run, there), so I pushed it halfway up the hill to Wescoe Hall (picture climbing Everest with a motorcycle in tow), stopped for a while to gasp and sweat in my helmet and gear, and then launched myself downhill in an effort to bump-start it using gravity's aid.

How'd it go? Let's just say that tonight is one of those nights when I fondly recall kick-starters. I think the neighbors know how I feel, too. Now where's that trickle-charger...?


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