Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

gremlins: 1 Chris: 2

Ha ha! Take it, you silly Tuetonic gremlins!

So I spent most of yesterday removing parts of the Volkswagen's old fuel-injection fuel-supply system, installing new fuel lines for the new carbureted setup, reconnecting vacuum lines, installing the new fuel pump, and torquing down the bolts for the new manifold.

Many hours and a couple of gallons' sweat later (it was 85 degrees with solid humidity), I hooked up the battery to my jump-start charger, primed the engine, and cranked it over.

Vrooom! It started right up! No gasoline leaks! No vacuum leaks! However, the power-brake booster - which operates on vacuum - is not getting enough vacuum to really give the power brakes a boost. Hm. That'll require a bit of tinkering, but I'll manage. EDIT: Mr. Chronovore, it is now my duty to prove your admonitions unfounded *g*

Took it out for a spin with the top down, and it's a hoot to drive! Came back home and closed the top (thunderstorms imminent today), then duct-taped the multitude of tears in the old top to prevent a repeat of last storm's leakage (yes, my butt got wet during the test-spin).

Next up:
1) Install the new top!
2) Recharge the air-conditioning system!

Wish me luck.

Tags: vehicles

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