Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Mom-crash update

(original story)

Good news: So Mom's not in nearly as bad of shape as she described herself. She has a bunch of cuts on her face, but I don't think any are scar-leaving ones, except maybe a long cut along the length of her nose, but I doubt it. The shoulder-blade fracture will surely wear her down over time, because there's nothing doctors can do except keep her right arm in a sling. The shin stitches were due to (get this) her shin-bone carving through her own flesh upon impact. Ooooowie owie owie!

It was pretty interesting seeing the billet-steel (natch, it's a Harley) handlebar grip broken in two where it landed on her. Yow. The ambulance driver said, "You're pretty tough for a skinny old gal," which apparently quite pleased my mom. Huh.

She was moving around and trying to do too much the next day, so the healing's well under way. She has lots of motorcycling friends, so she'll be looked after on a regular basis (we met one fella who seems to have a crush on her, sweet guy, who was helping her until we arrived). Of course, she won't let any of her boyfriends see her in this condition. There's a phrase.


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