Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

the "[your name here] needs" meme

This confounded me at first, then I figured out and it's hilarious. Instructions:

To Create a Google "Needs" Meme:
1) Enter "[your name here] needs" in a Google search.
2) Read through the link descriptions, looking for those that actually form a sentence.
3) Post the first 15.
4) Enjoy!

Here's mine:

1. Chris needs your sex talk.

2. Chris needs a haircut.

3. Chris needs people to put up lawn signs, make phone calls and work the polls.

4. Chris needs no mic stand after a juggling act.

5. Chris needs advice on new legislation regarding leylandii heights.

6. Chris needs friendly garden and it blossoms in the heart.

7. Chris needs a stronger pop off the ground with his left leg.

8. Chris needs a structured but caring and consistent family environment where he can be helped to live to his fullest potential.

9. The technology used to implement this capability within CHRIS needs to be researched.


11. Chris needs to know.

12. Chris needs you now more than anything else, he needs you to love him and just be there for him.

13. I got over $3,000 so far selling my antiques and stuff but it's not bad because I have to get him and Chris a place to live at least and Chris needs a warmer coat.

14. Chris needs to close $500000 of new business each quarter in order to make quota.

15. Chris Needs His Sleep.

I love some of these!


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