Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

wanna see a million-dollar car?

Here you go:
No, seriously, this car is one of 4 made and was appraised this week for $800,000.00 (American buckies). My favorite part is that he was admiring my car while I took this shot (the red curve behind the Challenger's windshield/fender).

Beside this was his brother's original 427 Shelby Cobra racecar. The two, together, are "worth" something like two million dollars. What's wrong with people? Someone must be paying that much or those appraisals wouldn't exist.

I paid a buck to see this car show in a small-town's high-school football field. Heee hee. I was just sorting through the weekend's photos and thought I had to share.

Tags: vehicles

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