Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

cats and mouses

Did you know that tatsuko_shikibu has an LJ? Well, she's doing great now that she's the only cat in the house, and she's been responding to some furred friends and posted today about my mouse. Did you know that I had a mouse? Here she is:
Cutest mouse ever!
The little mouse's name is Sophia. She was a gorgeous platinum blonde when she was in her post-pinkihood (um, youth), though her fur is a bit gray now and thin in places. We got her with another mouse, a tri-color named Spot who only lived for about eight months. Last winter, we got another mouse who only lived for a few days before hop-hop-hopping to her death from the aquarium screen ceiling onto (we believe) the spinning exercise wheel. So Sophia has outlived two little friends, and is in fact a very old mouse.

Sadly, she's starting to have trouble moving in the mornings: Some days when she wakes up, she's all shaky and can't move much like a little old lady with arthritis. The first time I found her like that, I was horrified and thought she was about to die; well, that was a few months ago, so there's no telling how long she'll last. I've taken to leaving more food for her every day the way I let Helen eat all the tuna and roses she could stand, because - what? She's going to die of obesity? But it's so sad to see her in this condition, and I have to grease her wheel a lot so she can spin it freely, old little thing.

I kind of hope she lives happily and healthily for at least a few more months, because I don't feel like watching a little death right now. I was so happy that sanju_devil_cat found a happy home with jensixstones, because she was pretty much torturing tatsuko_shikibu in her weak moments. So now the house is finally calm and peaceful, and it's soothing. Now is not the time for a little death in the house.

Here's hoping you're doing well and that your little people are healthy and happy.


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