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Sci Fiction ceasing publication

This is no good:

"As SCIFI.COM gears up to expand with exciting new ventures utilizing the newest technology, it will discontinue SCI FICTION, the online publishing division of of the site, at the end of 2005."

Here's Ellen Datlow's farewell message

New original and classic fiction will continue to be posted until the end of the year.

For more info, click here for SFWA's article.

Suck, there goes another short-SF market. I was going to send her a story soon, even! Okay, I guess that pretty much kills any drop of positive feeling left in me for SciFi. First they get rid of Farscape, now they kill the best SF magazine online. Great. How about spitting on some starving children now, you bastards?



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Nov. 14th, 2005 05:53 pm (UTC)
I never forgave them for cancelling Farscape.
Nov. 14th, 2005 05:58 pm (UTC)
Right, Farscape! They didn't want any more "space shows," right? Except now they have, what, three?


I suppose the online magazine didn't earn enough gold each year to be considered profitable enough to keep alive, screw their image among SF people.
Nov. 14th, 2005 06:05 pm (UTC)
Jim says in his email that there are a couple new online mags; do you know off-hand which ones he means?
Nov. 14th, 2005 06:12 pm (UTC)
Well, there are always new ones! I think he's referring to http://www.astoundingstories.com/

Nov. 14th, 2005 08:21 pm (UTC)
Orson Scott Card started one, too.
Nov. 14th, 2005 06:06 pm (UTC)
They got rid of Farscape. Fox killed Firefly. Scifi merely declined to turn the cancelled series into a scifi show.
Nov. 14th, 2005 06:12 pm (UTC)
Ah, true. I'll correct that. Bad enough, though; didn't they own the rights to Firefly?
Nov. 14th, 2005 06:43 pm (UTC)
They currently have rerun rights, and they've done a couple marathon broadcasts. (not the best way to show shows, imho, but that's another tangent) When Fox killed Firefly, Mutant Enemy approached Scifi with a proposal to do several mini series of the show, because the show was too expensive to just pick up as a new series. Scifi declined, because at the time, they thought that they should broadcast less science fiction shows and that they should have fewer shows that required a viewer to actually follow an ongoing plot. This was shortly after they'd axed Farscape for similar reasons.

I'm betting if they'd had the same situation today, they'd have jumped on it. Different managment, different directions.
Nov. 14th, 2005 09:13 pm (UTC)
Nov. 15th, 2005 12:54 am (UTC)
Arrrgh! That is so irritating! I think whoever is in charge of these kinds of decisions needs a good smack upside the head at the very least.I know Rob is going to be annoyed when he finds out about this.

And while I know this is frustrating and irritating for you, This:

Great. How about spitting on some starving children now, you bastards?

made me giggle. I know I'm evil. :-)
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