Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

I love my kitty; she makes me cry

Today I scooted over to Pet World to get Sophia the Ancient Mouse a new wheel (her old one was starting to wobble a bunch, and it must be tough enough for an old mouse to run at all). I also picked up a new Sparkle Ball for tatsuko_shikibu, because I gave them to Jen when she adopted sanju_devil_cat - they are Sanju's favorite toys.

I put the new wheel - after lubing its pivot with Chap Stick - in Sophia's cage, and all seems well. Then I tossed the new Sparkle Ball for Tatsuko.

You know how I've mentioned lately that she's been the happiest I've ever seen her since her tormentor, sanju_devil_cat, moved away? Well, she did something she's never done before: She played like crazy with the ball - not unusual in itself - but then carried it back to me in her mouth, wheezing all the way (she's asthmatic). She retrieved the sparkle-mouse about five times before deciding to lie down and just play with it on the catnip-laced rug.

I was so cuted out that I cried.

I love my kitty.

Tags: pets

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