May 18th, 2003

just Chris

tiny baby foxes!

Tonight on my way home from the office, I was scootering down this long, down-sloping hill from the University (think Olive Way, but forested), and I saw what I thought were cat-eyes glowing in the headlight. But no -

Foxes! At least two of the tiniest foxes I've ever seen, smaller than Tatsuko, with huge ears and almost cat-skinny tails, which I thought was odd. Not scared of me on the scooter, but they got off the road nonetheless.

That brings the number of different wild-mammal types I've seen on this slope of hill to three: opossum (a huge, fat one), raccoon, and now foxes.

We saw a big, long fox with a bushy tail near our house during a snowstorm, but these two must be babies.

Okay, now off to bed where I'll be covered in three small mammals soon enough.

Grinning with delight,