February 11th, 2004

just Chris

fundamentalism perished = ?

scarlettina's recent post got me thinking again about a story I intend to write.

What would happen if the world were suddenly infected with a virus, say, that destroyed the part of our brains which provided the religous impulse? That is, suddenly all fundamentalists became simple freaks, because the drive to believe in God were no longer something our biology responded to?

just Chris

the joy of swimming in the mysterious depths

In a recent post, clevermanka mentioned she doesn't like swimming in the deeps. kijjohnson also has this thing about swimming (at all) in an ocean sort of place where car-sized predators swarm up from the deeps and chow down on unexpecting swimmers. She particularly was unwilling to EVER go into the Puget Sound, that ink-black body of water filled with Orcas and sharks and Giant Squid and Krakens, the bottom carpeted with rotting cars containing mob-hit victims.

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