September 3rd, 2004

just Chris

Demo derby this Saturday!

Thanks to Jeremy's reminder:

"This Saturday (Sept. 4th) starting at like 5 or 6 pm I think but may be earlier. Tickets in advance from Dillons are like $8; at the door $10. It is a charity demo derby and contestants from all over are coming for big prizes. May be better than the county fair (which was awesome!). I am planning on attending -- anyone else interested in meeting up?"

It's not real well-promoted on the web, but I have seen posters. Here's the only link:

Kij and I are so there -- who else?

Gully Foyle

"Hero" is the saddest and most beautiful thing I've seen in years

Kij and I played hookey (sp?) a couple of days ago -- forgot to post about it. Wow, I can't say how many times I was struck all teary from the gorgeous scenes, the settings, the artistry of the fight sequences, and the harsh beauty of the story itself. Heck, my tear ducts got a bit tired by the end. It plays with narrative in a refreshing way, and builds characters by sort of running around the truth... 'nuff said. Go see it!

I must own this movie when it hits DVD and watch it frequently.