October 13th, 2004

Gully Foyle

novel progress report

After getting home from watching "What the *&%! Do We Know Anyway?" last night with adamaker, his roomie Jack, solan_t, verminiusrex, roya_spirit, and her boy J., I couldn't help but go home and work on Empire Ship. Mind-stimulation plus, well, a whole lotta caffeine does that to a guy. Progress:

. Listened to Morphine, Nick Cave, and Skinny Puppy to get into the proper mood.
. Went back through some old scenes with two characters and revised a bit per some thinking about them.
. Wrote an important, new scene.
. Word count up to 107,180 105,260 from last update of 99,840: a gain of about 2000 words. That's cool, especially considering this was a teaching day, an evening of socializing and seeing a movie, and I hadn't expected to write!
. Page count up to 350 from last update of 345.

Plus I got to talk to my girl last night. She's home in 8 days and counting!