January 20th, 2005

Gully Foyle

Frederic Jameson: "Cyberpunk and Finance Capital" Monday

This noted Marxist and a literary critic will talk on Monday evening (7:30) at the Dole Center. It's the first in a series of major lectures established by James Gunn's brother (Gunn is the founder of the Center for the Study of SF), so it'd be great if area SF fans can attend.

Jameson is going to talk on "Cyberpunk and Finance Capital." Hard to say how much will be about SF and how much about Marxism, but he does have respect for SF and the blurring of boundaries between literary categories. If you help spread the word to SF fans in the area, the Center would appreciate it!


Edit: It's free! Reception to follow.
just Chris

Happy Birthday, Kij!

Who is this Kij person whose birthday today is? Why, glad you asked! Click the following to learn and see more about today's birthday girl (all but the LJ link open new windows, so don't worry about getting lost in windows):

kijjohnson - Her LJ.
Her authorly website.
A bio of her on the CSSF website.
Her novel, The Fox Woman.
Her novel, Fudoki.
Her Star Trek novel, Dragon's Honor.
Her e-book short-fiction collection, Tales for the Long Rains.

That oughta answer yer question! >g<

Happy birthday, Kij!

just Chris

chernobylred dancing tonight at the Aladdin restaurant

Don't forget! Tonight, be there by 7:30pm when it starts. We'll try to grab a decent-sized table, but get there early if you want to eat tasty Middle-Eastern food. Also dancing tonight is one of the English Department grad students (Lisa), and it's her first time there!

Pics of clevermanka at previous Aladdin dances (mostly older... we'll have to remember to bring a camera) are available here.