May 13th, 2005

Vote hippie!

"support our troops"

This phrase drives me crazy. Most of the people who utter it or plaster it all over their cars on magnetic yellow "ribbons" (by the way, wasn't that song about a forgotten lover?) don't mean that we should literally support our troops; they mean we should support the Bush-ites in sending them all over the world on corporate-driven adventures. They're expendible, and we shouldn't forget that. I guess that's what we're really supposed to not forget.

And yet. Note that Bush recently told Congress he needs another $150 billion or something to continue pursuing his nonsense occupation of Iraq. And today, Rummy told the press that he's planning to close something like 150 military bases to save a whopping $44 billion or something.

Um, hey, Rummie, get this: If you pull out of Iraq now, you can save that AND another hundred billion tax dollars! Wow, that's, like, three times the savings you'll get from closing bases.

And here's where I circle back to the comment about supporting our troops. The people who literally support our troops - those on the bases, their families, etc. - are about to get the rug pulled out from under them. To save a third of the money he's wasting on an anti-American-propoganda-building war in Iraq.

Tell me how this makes sense? Yeah.

How about this: Support our troops by bringing them home.