May 29th, 2005

Gully Foyle

Convention update

So kijjohnson was busy writing and not feeling well, so I got moving late and went to ConQuest by myself today. Though I missed sitting at the table during today's scheduled panel, I did get to hand out a big stack of info sheets I put together about the Center's Basic SF Library, plus a big stack of the Center's new flyers (designed and put together by clevermanka).

Talked with a whole bunch of people, and got more Center business done there than I have in a long time. Good stuff! Also got to see several friends I haven't seen much lately.

I'm fighting my f&ck*%#! printer right now, trying to print out flyers about this summer's Campbell Conference, plus the materials for tomorrow morning's reading at 11:30am. kijjohnson will be reading at 1:00pm, so we'll get to be at the con together! Then I have a panel at 3pm, "Writing for the Younger Audience," which I'm moderating, and dinner with Joe and Gay Haldeman. I expect we'll see lots of other folks there!

Tomorrow's update tomorrow.