July 25th, 2005

just Chris

got myself a commuter car

Dear friends -

I got myself a little commuter car!

So I needed something on four wheels to drive back and forth to Kansas City where I teach once or twice a week. On account of the no-money thing, it needed to be cheap. On account of this being Kansas, it needed to have A/C (at least installed; fixing it up is a step in the right direction!). On account of my not really wanting a modern car, it needs to be funky (yet, yes, I admit, it needed to be something newer than 1951 to trust on the highway commute). So I got myself something cute, modern, but inexpensive:

A 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible. It's the perfect cheap-yet-fun transport, yet is also something worth fixing up and maintaining on account of its *dies of the cute* factor. And, heck, its value is already on the rise, so it's technically a classic car *g*

Plus, it makes me smile.