July 27th, 2005



I just saw the coolest thing: I'm not able to get to sleep, so I've been up here at the office (University of Kansas) working. Finally got tired. Went outside to head home, and saw this really tall cat-thing... realized it was one of our local foxes!

Bright moonlight, Mars just beneath the Moon, air still and cool, a bright-red fox jogging along the sidewalk just outside of Wescoe Hall. Magical.

baby fox

more KU wildlife

You know how last night I saw a baby fox? Well, tonight I was heading home and saw two little skunks right out in front of Wescoe Hall! They're so cute: Their butts waggle from side to side and their tails jiggle and their little legs blur like weiner-dogs as they run away. Not very fast, but that tail-in-the-air attitude probably prevents most predators from following. Experienced ones, anyhoo.

One regularly sees skinks (shiny lizards) and wild kitties here, too. I love that KU is essentially a wildlife refuge.