September 1st, 2005

Lincoln Tri-Power

busy, busy

Not a lot of updates lately due to lots of stuff I've been doing. Quick rundown:

. Did the 3-day Landmark Forum self-help thingy. Overall, I'd say it was a good experience. Just getting through it was the painful part. Nothing like spending three solid days doing self-reflection and thinking through issues, eh?

. Classes started. I'm teaching two sections of my intro to tech writing class, plus an advanced tech-writing class and an advanced tech-editing class, plus directing a science-fiction novel writing student on his project and an intern on his. Been busy.

. Planning a cool new class for Spring semester: Science and Science Fiction. Can't wait.

. Helping get our new Coordinator of Volunteer Activities going (this year, it's tmseay).

. Built a carport for my driveway to protect old autos.

. Got my VW Rabbit roadworthy. Fun!

. Cleared out my office: Got rid of a spare bookshelf, got rid of several reams of paper I was saving for don't-know-why, organized paperwork I do need to save, arranged the spare desk so it's useful for tmseay to use when he needs an office on campus, and more.

. Mowed the lawn. "Big deal," sez you. Well, Kansas has had deluges for the past month, so I wasn't able to mow for a long time. Was a foot tall in places - and of course those places weren't really soft grass.

. Read the prequel book of Order of the Stick (comix).

. Cleared the V-10 engine & tranny out of my garage, started really organizing it to make it useful for building my Lil' Vehicle of Danger (or whatever else is next), and ran a drain hose for the new dehumidier to reduce the humidity out there.

Um, more stuff too, but the students are wrapping up their exercise.