December 13th, 2005

Gully Foyle

writing update

In an effort to try to start feeling better, I've been doing some writing-related stuff. So far:

. Wrote my once-agent, though haven't heard back yet. Time to write again.
. Started revising my newest novel, Empire Ship. Plan to make the big changes over break.
. Will start meeting with my local writers group starting tomorrow. That always helps make one feel like a real writer.

Here's hoping you're doing what you need, too.


"Science, Technology, and Society"

Say, any of you out there still looking for a 3-credit course for this Spring at KU? Well, do we have a class for you:

English 479 - or - HWC 510

"Science, Technology, and Society"

Course Goals: Science and technology offer many benefits to individuals and to societies and also present many challenges. We will use science fiction to explore the past, present and possible future impacts of science and technology on society.

Check out the syllabus (work in progress) here.

We still have several openings available!