January 4th, 2006


resolution for 2006

Okay, as everyone's doing it, here's mine:

That I do what I can to make 2006 better in every way than 2005. Won't take much, methinks! Sure, I made a lot of great accomplishments and had many excellent moments, but the hard stuff sort of overshadowed all that. So: 2006 is looking up already!

Here's hoping your 2006 is better than your 2005.


windows: check!

Continuing the home improvement tasks (a fine metaphor for life, I suggest), I just finished winterizing the upstairs windows in the house. Now they are all sealed in clear plastic shrink-wrap. It feels warmer up here already, no joke! And not just because it's warm and sunny outside; the windows no longer have a little breeze between 'em.

Side note: The definition of a happy Tatsuko: Though I just ran the hair-dryer for several minutes, she did not freak out. Remained asleep on the curtain that was lying on the floor, in fact.