January 7th, 2006

baby fox

another little dead thing

I posted a while back about the little dead kitty. Well, today on a food run to get dill dip for a friend's party, I saw a squirrel on the road, tail up in the air. Afraid it might still be alive - tail up, after all - I had to stop (thank you, radcliffe for letting me stop) and move it off the road. Silly little squirrel. But it was not alive: still flexible, but not even warm. I moved it off to the side of the street: I mean, who wants to leave their body in the middle of the road to get run over and over? It seemed only to have been hit the once, so I set it in the grass and we drove on to the store.

Had fun at the party, though, and then took off for Omaha. Still, that little squirrel with its closed eyes and arched tail stuck with me all day. I wish little creatures could stay off the roads, or that people would drive more carefully.

Drive carefully out there. Lots of not-very-smart little souls are running around on the streets.