January 10th, 2006

just Chris

"Army of One" - bonus performance

This is probably the best university play I've ever seen: Collapse )
You can download the full-sized .pdf poster here. It's about a young man, prompted by the 9/11 attacks to join the military, and the things he has to deal with after his stint in Iraq. Great stuff.

Go see this performance! The first run was shown in the dinky theater, so hundreds of people were turned away, even though they extended the showing another few days. Now they'll be showing it in the big theater as a benefit to support their trip to a national theater competition in Fargo, North Dakota. Show your support for KU and see an awesome play, as well. One of the cool things about this show is that it's the first one in 30 years to be co-produced by the English Alternative Theater (EAT) and the University Theatre.