January 26th, 2006


Tatsuko purrs so loudly that you can probably hear her outside

Woke up a few minutes ago to check my email, got (barely) connected here at home via wireless, and had to share this about tatsuko_shikibu. Seriously, she's purring more loudly than the sound of the furnace fan, or cars passing by outside, or even my typing. She's sitting on the floor near my feet (I'm using a little adjustable laptop table from Levenger to write this, so she can get close), not even on the little pile of catnip. Just sitting with her legs under her, purring her brains out. The octagonal beam of sun hasn't yet touched the floor (the sun is still pretty low this time of year, though I'm grateful it shines so much during the winter here in Kansas - and it's shining for a minute more every day now!), so it's not that her fur is starting to bake in the sunshine. Which, of course, is one of her favorite hobbies.

No, she's just a really happy kitty. Go figure! I love my kitty - did I mention?

I wonder if you can get a sore throat from purring too loudly?

Vote hippie!

breaking news: Bush admits to breaking the law

(Yes, I foolishly watched the Chimp-in-Chief's press conference on CNN this morning. It happens some times.)

When asked if domestic spying was illegal, he answered slippery-ly by saying no, presidential privilege, etc. Then asked directly about whether or not he broke a 1978 law that forbids domestic spying, he said, "that law is from 1978. This is 2006. It's a different world."

Huh, I just learned something new: If a law is more than 28 years old, you can ignore it.

I should go look into this! I bet I could steal cars and claim "Executive Privilege: Hey, the prez is doing it, why can't I?"

Gee-sus. If you're one of the people who elected this man, I hope you're ashamed.

Seriously, though: This is huge. Bush admitted that he doesn't need to obey laws that are only 28 years old. That means he certainly won't see a need to obey laws that are, say, a couple hundred of years old. Or any of the amendments to it. And so on. What a fine example he sets for our children!