February 18th, 2006


stupid illness

So here it is, 6:26 in the morning, and I can't sleep. If I weren't sick, I would just have said heck with it and gotten up hours ago, done stuff until I got sleepy. But instead I've tried sleeping.

Spent about an hour with the lights off and Tatsuko sleeping on my thighs, a warm weight that should be like a sedative, right? Then I turned on the light, carefully extracted my legs from beneath her, went to the bathroom and tried to empty my sinuses with several tissues, came back to bed and talked to Tatsuko about our history together for about another hour (reminded her of when I met her as a fuzzy scared little thing, of how she used to sleep under the covers, of playing 'Mechs with her, of many things) while patting her: She purred the entire time, her mouth half-open to breathe, long fangs on display, claws gently clinging to my arm and leg. Then I read the new Wilson book, _Spin_, for a while longer (up to page 80 or so now, fascinating and moving book). Finally accepted that I am not able to sleep and dressed warmly. Thought I'd share this with y'all in case anyone else out there can't sleep.

I'm going to suffer tomorrow (I mean, later today), aren't I? But with no plans anyway, I'll just let myself get sleepy doing things and go to bed when I'm overwhelmed. I wish I could have fallen asleep and woken refreshed and full of vim and vigor. I'm having doubts about feeling that way now, though.

Right now, though? Starving. I haven't eaten since about 8pm, and haven't really slept since then. After that, I'll continue sorting Magic cards (I hope to finish one color soon - wow, a lot of cards to sort). I hope I'm sleepy before it's really daylight outside.


damn it's cold!

So it's 5 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Wow. Expected high today of 15. Tonight, even colder.

I guess our false spring has passed. It was lovely while it was with us!