April 28th, 2006


hail damage estimate

So I had the estimate done today: $1300 damage to the Crossfire, but the theory is that they can fix it all with paintless dent repair. Yay! And if it goes over the estimate, they cover it, and it's warranted forever if I go to their approved repair shop. So I schedule with Dale Willey Automotive (the place that has only had one Pontiac Solstice since it came out - which is how I ended up with the Crossfire, by the way).

The only drawback: I couldn't get on the schedule until early June - lots and lots of damaged cars, and this paintless dent repair business is time-consuming. Oh, well, it will be pretty again by the Conference.


oh no! the invasion has begun!

Dear friends and fellow humans:

After watching world after world transform from Edens like the Earth into horror-shows encrusted with lauch-tubes and populated by the dread Zarkomites, we knew it would happen to us sooner or later. We had hoped for later, but Field Agent Jay Lake now provides photographic proof that their vanguard has already arrived.

For an overview and spy shots of an invader, see here.

The only thing that can save us are the tools of our own destruction: Nukes. Specifically, nukes in the megaton range. If the capsule has been active for more than 12 days, I guarantee their colony has spread deep into the crust of the Willamette Valley. It will be a tragedy to destroy that pristine wilderness, but if we delay even two more weeks, that region will become far deadlier than a smouldering crater. Trust us; we have studied four worlds that had once been Earth-like; now they are mere launching-ports for the Zarkomite invasion capsules. Their methods are simple, elegant, and deadly, and if we do not stop them now, our race is doomed.

Perhaps this will finally prompt us out of our apathy toward space exploration on a large scale. Our very survival as a species - nay, every Earth species' survival! - demands that we climb out of this crib and emerge as true galactic explorers. Why? Because the Zarkomites are one of the least-threatening of the dangers out there. If we don't do something, the galactic community will assume we don't care about long-term survival and will let "nature" (attacks from violent species like the Zarkomites and the Gor'mon'splats) take its course.

We are warned! The time to act is now!

EDIT: Dear gods! It's worse than I thought! Be sure to read the warnings both here and on Agent Lake's journal. Note to HDLI agents: Be sure to read Agent Lake's HDL-only journal. We may already be too late!

Colonel "Chris McKitterick" HDLIT 46a
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