May 1st, 2006


immigrant protests day

As we speak, people are skipping class, ditching work, and not buying things to protest our laws against (or at least a new bill on the Hill regarding) illegal immigration.

Unfortunately, I see all sides of this issue:

a) There's something wrong with our immigration policy if twelve (12) million (12,000,000) immigrants are in this country illegally.

b) Who wouldn't want to work in the US when your home country's essentially a third-world economy? (Fascinating side-note: Mexico's third-largest source of income is money sent home by people working in the US.)

c) Wouldn't it be great if all people everywhere in the world could remain living where they grew up and earn a comparable wage? (Dream on, right? I mean, when do you suppose China's government will allow its people to earn what Americans earn? When they have won this economic war against the West, that's when; in the mean time, they will continue to suppress their people's wages so they can take over the world economically.)

d) As a good American, shouldn't I be patriotic? But what does that mean in this context? I mean, cheap labor is driving down American wages, but we are an immigrant nation (except, y'know, for those folks who were here first...).

e) Shouldn't people wanting to come to our country respect our laws? What does breaking them mean to those who have come here legally, either on work visas or to become citizens?

f) This country was founded by immigrants, right? But they weren't breaking the law then.

g) How about finding a way to solve the poverty problem around the world so that people don't find it necessary to break the law to come here. There are fascinating new books out lately about ending poverty and curing diseases all around the world for less than we spend on our military in a day or a week. I mean, geez. Why not solve the root problem first, then worry about immigration when it's only about people wanting to become Americans rather than be able to eat.

h) Finally, hey! You guys don't have the right to protest in our country; free speech is only a protected right for American citizens. So all this physical, financial, and educational obstruction is harming those who are citizens. On the other hand... you get the idea.

So what do y'all think about this? I don't know where I stand on the issue, and it's a biggie now.