May 3rd, 2006

62 Ford pickup

you knew I wouldn't stick with just two...

So I replaced the station wagon with a pickup truck!
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And not just any pickup truck, but a lovely "ole truck that we're surely gonna miss" (as the previous owner, Marla, says), a green 1962 Ford F-250 long-bed pickup truck in fine shape. I go pick it up on Friday after taking the KCI Roadrunner van service to Manhattan, Kansas (home of the academic enemy *g*), where Marla will take me to their country house and we'll transfer ownership. Then I drive this newly purchased antique vehicle at least 200 miles home, stopping through Beatrice, Nebraska, on the way home to fetch an aluminum Edelbrock-headed 327 small-block Chevy engine for my 1951 Chevy.

Crazy to drive that far in an old, untested vehicle? Why, yes! Almost as crazy as driving a 1964 Lincoln Continental cross-country in July. But I have AAA Plus, which provides 200 miles of free towing if needed. so I feel pretty confident.

Golly-gee, but isn't it a classic-machine week, Wally!