August 16th, 2006



Check out this news release from James Gunn:

British science-fiction Grand Master and Hall of Fame inductee will speak at the University of Kansas on Monday, August 28, William J. Harris, chair of the KU English Department’s Lecturers and Readers committee, announced today. Brian W. Aldiss, author and editor of more than 100 books, will speak on “Changes of Ownership,” concerning recent trends in British literature and science fiction, at 7:30 p.m. in the Kansas Room of the Kansas Union.

Aldiss is working his KU appearance into a schedule of filming in Topeka and Lawrence. A Topeka couple, Marlo Angell and Peter Jasso, are directing and producing an independent film titled “Waiting for the Son,” about a young woman with amnesia searching for her identity. Aldiss is playing the role of Virgil Moreau, an eccentric artist who is assisting the woman. Angell comments that Aldiss’s work has been an inspiration for her writing and she acted on impulse to seek his participation.

Beginning with The Brightfount Diaries, a book of columns written for the Oxford Express while he was working as a bookseller, Aldiss has produced such distinctive science-fiction works as the Helliconia trilogy, Trillion Year Spree (a history of science fiction), and “Super-toys Last All Summer Long,” which was filmed by Steven Spielberg on work begun by Stanley Kubrick as A.I. Aldiss’s novel Frankenstein Unbound was filmed by Roger Corman, and a film of Brothers of the Head was released this year.

His autobiographical Horatio Stubbs novels, beginning with The Hand-Reared Boy, became mainstream bestsellers. His science-fiction books and stories have won Nebulas, Hugos, and John W. Campbell awards.

So it might be that KU doesn't appreciate or understand science fiction, but