November 6th, 2006

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Vote! Or things will only get worse for us all.

jaylake wrote this: Vote, people. And think about who you're voting for and what they really stand for. Because if you believe in transparency, fiscal responsibility, ethics in politics, or smaller government, the GOP is not your friend.

I write this: If you believe in a secretive all-powerful executive branch, spending our children's and grandchildren's and great-grandchildren's tax money now, the right of government officials to do whatever they need to in order to achieve their goals (anything to get and stay elected), big government, then vote for Republicans this year.

The current Republican party has been co-opted by corporate interests and takes advantage of Christian fundamentalists in order to stay in power and grow that power for their constituents - and NO, you are not their constituents unless you are Big Oil or other Big Money.

The GOP used to be the part of smaller government and financial responsibility; look where they are now. Abraham Lincoln and even Richard Nixon would be ashamed.

Remember the DFL? "Democratic Farmers and Laborers": The Democrats are, at their base, the party of the people. Don't forget that, no matter how the Republicans want you to think they're on your side. If you value personal freedom that doesn't come at the expense of others, if you value a government for & by & of the people, we have to get these crooks and bastards out of power before it is too late.


yard work

On a lighter note:

Whew, just finished:

. Picking up branches and tossing them into a collection bag.
. Sweeping the front & rear patios, sidewalks (including neighbors'), and front yard into the street for the city's sweeper-trucks to clean up.
. Clearing the gutters. Yes, even the one on the second floor overlooking the concrete back patio. I had one "exciting" moment when I slipped a little and the gutter-scoop went flying when I had to put both hands down firmly on the roof to keep from falling onto said concrete patio.
. Straightening and re-fastening the front gutter with mondo-screws to prevent another winter of water spilling over onto the front brick patio and turning into Death Ice right by the front door.

Now, off to shower and work!

computer - ENIAC

Security Advisory: Internet Explorer exploit

It sounds like a new virus is making the rounds. Importantly, Microsoft does not yet have a patch for it. So, please take the following actions to help avoid getting the virus:

1) Use an alternate Internet browser (such as Firefox or Mozilla) until Microsoft has a patch for Internet Explorer.

2) If you have a managed computer and cannot install another browser, disable ActiveX in Internet Explorer.

3) In the mean time, be careful! Don't click items in HTML emails unless you know where the link goes, and don't click unknown links when using Internet Explorer.

PS: Here's how to disable ActiveX in Internet Explorer. Sorry I didn't include the how-to on that!

Here are the instructions.

Good luck.