November 11th, 2006


Jack Williamson

Sad news: The science-fiction world has lost one its greats, Jack Williamson. Jim Gunn talked to him just a couple of weeks ago, inviting him to attend next summer's Campbell Conference, but Williamson said that he didn't think he would be doing any more traveling, and that he could feel that he was "in a decline" and that his end was near. He was not sad about this, though, but instead quite prepared for the inevitable.

Stupid inevitability of death.
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Without Jack Williamson, science fiction would not be what it is today. Everyone who has written SF since it's been called "science fiction" or "scientifiction" has at least been aware of Williamson's work - and it has always been present-tense until today. I guess he seemed immortal to me. It's upsetting to think that he's no longer with us, that SF will go on being published, but for the first time it will do so without Jack Williamson at its core.

A sad night; I'm going to bed. I hope you all are well.