November 22nd, 2006


EXCITING NEWS! about James Gunn

During lunch at the University of Kansas student union today, SFWA President Robin Wayne Bailey surprised James Gunn and a small group of friends with the news that Jim will be honored this Spring at the Nebula Awards as the next Grand Master of science fiction.

You are the first to see this news - Jim only learned of it at lunch today. I'm so pleased and excited, and I had to share the excitement!

EDIT: I just got this note from Brad Denton, and I think it's important to share:

"With the recent loss of Jack Williamson and all the talent and history he embodied, it's an important and wonderful thing to remind ourselves that such masters are still with us - still working, still inspiring. Masters like Jim."

Yes, it's important to remember that the masters are still with us - some if not all of them. I came to KU 15 years ago because of Jim, and I returned 4 years ago because of him, too. He is truly a great man; he is my hero and inspiration.