November 30th, 2006


the weather outside is... exciting!

According to, we have a 100% chance of snow today, with periods of heavy snow. Wow, 100% - I don't recall seeing that kind of statistic for a long, long time. Looking out my front window right now, it seems that the forecasters are correct, as the snow hasn't let up for hours now. Lots of light flakes accumulating to about an inch so far. The plows haven't reached my road yet, as it's still covered in yesterday's ice (with a thick frosting of snow on top).

I went for an adventure-scoot last night. weaselmom asked me why; well, scooters are the safest means of travel in this weather! Unless you have 4-wheel-drive, that is; everything else I own is rear-wheel-drive and something that I wouldn't want to wreck - that is, have someone drive into. The scoot, it's small and nimble, and I can dump it and jump off if needed. Top speed was about 15mph. Of course, I had to pry it out of the ice when I headed home *g*

Nevertheless, I'm tempted to go for a spin - literally - in the Crossfire tonight for Boys' Night Out (which has long been a misnomer, I'm afraid - in fact, _starlady_ will be joining us on her way to SMOFcon - we need a new name). Few things are as fun as driving a rear-wheel-drive car on a snowy evening, heh heh.

Wow, really snowing outside now!

EDIT: The temp with wind-chill is in the single digits now. With tonight's temp dropping another 10 or more degrees, it's going to be nasty later!

baby hamster

squirrels are clever!

This is especially for weaselmom: A couple of weeks ago, in preparation for the coming winter, I refilled the bird-feeder that hangs from my garage's eves. No birds found it until (drum roll) a local squirrel (a particularly acrobatic one) somehow worked his way from the garage roof down the cord to the swinging bird-feeder. Squirrels are messy, of course, so now there are many black-oil sunflower seeds on the ground below it. Cue birds!

tatsuko_shikibu is very happy with this arrangement.

forecast update

Whoah, we're scheduled to get another

4" - 10" of snow

tonight here in Kansas.


Perhaps I'll find a better way to get downtown tonight than drive my beloved Crossfire. Or Li'l Scooter of Death.

EDIT: Sigh, the Big Storm is only hitting far east of here. Too bad for the middle-Missourians, but for us, well, we're missing the fun storminess. In fact it's entirely clear right now (laaaaate Thursday night) in Lawrence.

(Yes, I realize this user-icon is inappropriate, but I don't have a 10" of snow icon.)