January 17th, 2007

squirrel jedis

Intermission: Squirrel Party

Here are a few of my pet squirrels.
squirrels partying down!
I can say this because they no longer run away when I watch them literally one foot beyond my sliding-glass back door! They're not even afraid of Tatsuko - watching them, perched on her pillow, tail lashing back and forth, in her most dragon-esque pose - so close that her nose leaves prints on the glass, inches from them. Wheee!

PS: The food-stuffs are Squirrel Feed™, sunflower seeds, and shattered gingerbread house. The stubby-tailed squirrel (one of my favorites) carries off hunks of wall and eats them in private by the fence.

Okay, back to writing a new story set in the atmosphere of Jupiter!