January 22nd, 2007


Woo-hoo! Perfect score.

Had to share this: I was just going through last semester's student course evaluations and got the most pleasant surprise.

(Aside: We got our evals back late this semester, because the new policy is that the Department's secretaries need to type them all up before the prof's can see 'em; evals are anonymous and go to the sec's first... anyway.)

So: I just got my first perfect set of student evaluations! Every student in my English 562: Advanced Technical Writing course last semester ranked all 14 aspects of the class a perfect 5.0. W00t! And I got an almost-perfect for my English 564: Advanced Technical Editing course, with only one student ranking two elements at 4. Wowee!

Students in my English 362: Foundations of Technical Writing - required for several majors rather than elective for the Advanced courses - ranked every element of the course except for textbook [natch] over 4.5, so it would seem that my students feel I do a pretty good job. This is the best way to start the semester!



I'm only now beginning to warm up a little. At first glance, a temp of 18F doesn't seem that cold, but riding 30mph on a scooter through such a temp makes one freeze to death! Holy schmoly, it's cold. And my dumb helmet face-shield was fogging over, because my helmet is old and crappy and needs to be replaced, so I had to open it enough to increase airflow over the exposed skin of my face in order to see the road ahead. Holy Jesus and Mary, save me from this Ninth Level! I should mention that I only had to ride about two miles home from the KU carpool place (after dropping off Nate; it's cool that we both teach at Edwards on Mondays), but it felt like riding through a thousand miles of frozen wasteland, blind, in the dark.

On the other hand, the Crossfire would have spun out on the ice.