January 23rd, 2007


predatory pleasures

Cat minds are so easy to read: tatsuko_shikibu's food array is near the sliding-glass back door, which is just an inch or so above ground-level. On the back patio is where I scatter bird & squirrel food. Tatsuko's bed is also beside this back door. The squirrels are having another party on said patio.

I just fed Tatsuko a few minutes ago, and she's going back and forth between poised-to-pounce, tail-lashing predatoriness at the back window and gobbling her tasty beef lunch. Squirrel-hunting fantasy, eating raw meat.

Soon she will retire to the bedroom and the warmth of the down comforter. The life of a cat.
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more signs of Bush's incompetence and illegality

You know that our commander-in-chief is on the wrong side of things when an entire Website for soldiers who want out of the military is a thriving business.

Topics include "So you want out of the military?" and "The facts about AWOL."

Here's a war-tribunal website about citizens protesting the illegal invasion of Iraq.

And here's one that tells the story of Lt. Watada, who is being court-martialed for refusing to serve in Iraq. Mind you, "it's illegal for a soldier to engage in any military action which he believes is illegal. Lt. Watada is not going to be allowed to question the illegality of the invasion and occupation of Iraq during his trial. Doesn't that seem like a contradiction? He has been charged with contempt of his Commander in Chief and with conduct unbecoming an officer because he said, in public, that he believes that our war in Iraq is illegal."

(Can you tell I got some politically charged email in Gmail, and that relevant ads appeared? Cool tech, there. Who'd've thought that advertising could lead to interesting political finds?)