February 27th, 2007

baby hamster

Chloe is so cute.

I've been making movies of Chloe's shenanigans tonight, trying to capture her charming manner of shaking the water-bottle while drinking and her full-body shake of the cage's front door. I got some of it, but now I have several minutes of excess. Anybody use a decent freeware movie editor out there?

By the way, I have discovered that the clamp that locks her gate is necessary: She gets the gate pushed open every day now by holding the gate and throwing her body against it while gripping the cage with her teeth. It is so cute; I hope I can post a movie soon. If it weren't for that 80-sheet paper clamp, she'd be on the lam every single day.

Little jailbreaker.
computer - ENIAC

burning down the ... um, office

Something in my room is burning or melting down. Smelly burnt-electronics stench fills the office. This is making me nervous, because I can't identify what's self-destructing.

Turned off some lights, but it's still smelly. Perhaps this is my monitor saying that it's about time to be replaced.