March 1st, 2007


enjoy the dramatic weather!

There's lots more where that came from.

With wind-chill, temperature today in Lawrence is a brisk 25. Yesterday afternoon, I was walking around campus in shirt-sleeves because it was 70. Lots of talk on NPR last night about global warming; an interesting note: The ice caps are melting faster and faster because as they melt, more ice - reflective stuff - converts into water, absorbtive stuff, thus accelerating the melting. If they were to completely melt, something that could happen within our lifetime, the oceans would rise about 100 feet (or 300, depending on who's talking).

Kansas: Oceanfront property!

Dad news

So I spoke with my dad (the biological one) this morning, and he's out of surgery with a brand-spanking-new knee. Everything went well, and he still wasn't feeling any pain (chemical assistance, there). Cyborg Father!

Get this: Tomorrow he begins physical therapy. A day after getting a new knee. Wow. I know people who lie about moaning for days after scraping their knee, much less getting a new one. Geez, doctors are less delicate these days, aren't they?