March 2nd, 2007


Adventures in cooking: cookies and pasta at 1:00am!

weaselmom, this is especially for you:

Last night was much fun. Got out late due to Departmental responsibilities, and of course just as I arrived amjhawk had to leave. Shortly after that, tmseay had to take off. So cba1282zyx, Alex, and I stuck around for an hour or so until I said, "I want cookies."

To which, Mike said, "I have cookie mix. Do you have eggs?" Nope, but Alex did. Where to do this? I have no room-mate, an oven, and food-making stuff. Flash to my place.

Over the next hour, we made amazing, silly cookies: Mike's pre-made sugar cookie mix to which we added chocolate chunks, cashews, brown sugar topping, and honey. Problem is, they took twice as long as prescribed to bake, probably due to their being twice as thick as they should've been and all the toppings and fillings. They turned out more like crunchy cake, but don't laugh: They turned out yummy after, like, an hour of baking!

So, while they were baking, I made cheese-filled pasta that we topped with olive oil and chopped garlic or pasta sauce. Double-yum! Plus we variously had a margarita, rum and coke, and beer. Good music, comfy new couch, and excellent chattin' with friends. Glad we left the bar early!

Much fun. See what you miss by not going out on a Thursday night?

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Gore and why he's done running for Prez

Here's a good argument for why Al Gore won't run for president again. I'm sure that Al realizes he's in a much better position now to help make the world a better place as a citizen rather than the leader of a now-morally bankrupt nation. This makes me mad all over again.

Why do journalists suddenly love Al Gore?

After they tempt him into the presidential race, they'll probably try to destroy him again. And he knows it.

Story by Joe Conason

Mar. 02, 2007
As a man who long endured more than his share of nasty, unwarranted abuse from journalists, the philosophical Al Gore must be amused by the happy transformation of his clippings. The same press corps that once snarled for his blood is now smooching his boots - an implicit apology that might be gratifying to the former future president, if only he were still naive enough to value their esteem. Collapse )--
*sigh* - if only he had attained his rightful office, I can't even begin to imagine how much closer to world peace we would be now, how much closer to eliminating terrorism, and how much closer to being free of oil and instead using sustained renewable energy sources.

And I have to agree that the media - yes, what Dittoheads call the "liberal" media - is in large part responsible for this.

Double *sigh*