March 21st, 2007


"In the Clouds of Jupiter": Revised and out of the nest!

Off it goes, my fledgling story, finding its own way in the world. Final word-count is 14,500. I very much appreciate the useful and supportive comments I got from my first readers; thank you! I'll post updates as I get 'em.

Now, here's hoping I can do something besides work on this story for the rest of Spring Break, eh? I'm done with creative pursuits for a while. Tomorrow: more grading, watching Nate do a presentation to the Department about the Center's AboutSF project, and catching up at work.

Hunted Troll

The 300: "It's All Geek to Me"

In the New York Times was this good piece on the movie, The 300:

March 18, 2007
Op-Ed Contributor
"It's All Geek to Me"
By Neal Stephenson

A WEEK ago Friday, moments before an opening-day showing of the movie "300" at Seattle's Cinerama, a 20-something moviegoer rushed to the front of the theater, dropped his shoulders, curled his arms into a mock-Schwarzenegger pose and bellowed out a timeless remark of King Leonidas of Sparta that has in the last week become the catchphrase of the year: "Spartans! Tonight we dine in hell!"
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If you haven't seen it yet, get out there and see this movie!

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the B-36 mega-bomber

Just did a bunch of reading about Cold War-era equipment after sdemory asked about a particularly horrific nuclear cruise missile built during that time (the Supersonic Low-Altitude Missile, or SLAM).

Anyhow, I ended up finding one of my favorite aircraft, the Convair B-36, the most massive combat aircraft ever built, and the only production vehicle to have ten (yes, 10) engines. They have one of these at the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Omaha. You have to experience standing beside or under this mammoth vessel of annihilation to really understand the Cold War.

Cool beans! Freakish war equipment! People suck! Er, I recognize the dissonance there. Can't help it; I'm an SFnal type of guy.